RPh Innovations


RPh Innovations, LLC (RPHI) provides 340B Program Management, 340B Program Audit, and other pharmacy-related support to rural primary care organizations. Our mission is to cultivate Covered Entity and Pharmacy relationships to help get the most out of your 340B Program. Communities rely upon savings generated by 340B. The 340B prescription drug program is a vital lifeline for safety-net providers, supporting critical health services in our communities.

Since our first client relationship in 2011, RPHI has experienced rapid growth, now managing over 100 pharmacy relationships bringing over $15M of affordable health care to rural communities. Our current clientele include consolidated health centers, critical access hospitals, and other covered entities.  

Meet Our Founder

Robert Johnson, President

Robert L. Johnson RPh is a licensed pharmacist in the states of Oregon and Illinois. His passion for helping rural communities came to life when he founded RPHI in 2011. RPHI currently provides a variety of 340B-related services including: Program Management, Claims Processing, and 340B Program Audit.  Mr. Johnson's 25 years of Pharmacy Benefit and Pharmacy Technology experience provides a unique perspective and has proven to be useful in bridging the gap between the Pharmacy industry and Covered Entities as it relates to independent pharmacy support of the 340B program.     

The Team

 Our team of specialists will hold your hand through the complex process of contracting, implementation, quality assessments, and program optimization.  When working with RPHI, you're not only getting peace of mind that your program is meeting the guidelines set forth by HRSA, you're getting a team of account support, data analysts, and a dedicated and valued partner for all things 340B.  



“We have been working with RPh Innovations for three years and have had great experiences with them.  We have used RPHI in several different situations to help build our 340B program.  In each instance, the staff has been professional, efficient and friendly.  The RPHI staff has been quick to respond to all questions either by phone or e-mail and when needed carved out extra time to help us resolve questions or issues.  They have been a great team to work with!”  

Health Center Director, Community Health Center  

 "RPh Innovation's knowledge and experience has opened the doors to new collaborations within our community to bring about improved patient care and financial performance."   

Chief Executive Officer, Consolidated CHC 

"RPH Innovations has provided us the expertise to take our program to a level we did not think was possible. They not only delivered the results they promised, but did so in a very community focused way."  

Director of Operation - Consolidated CHC

"RPH Innovation’s insights into how the pharmaceutical supply chain, economics, and clinical care played a critical role as we worked together to bring innovative provider friendly clinical solutions."
Associate Dean of Research-Health Sciences - State University

"RPh Innovations has been simply the BEST and easiest to work with for all our 340B needs.  Having a dedicated, knowledgeable & thorough account manager assigned to our team has proved to be the greatest decision for our 340B program!  I would highly recommend RPHI."    
340B Program Manager 



RPh Innovations uses creative solutions to find opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.  We accomplish this through expertise, collaboration, and innovation.   



True innovation delivers material savings, not just percentage point gains. These savings can be used to align incentives and create a more efficient delivery model. Our passion is identifying oppurtunities and implementing solutions that align the market for mutual benefit.  



The result of opportunity identification and market alignment is value. Value is not something that is externally defined; it is measured by the recipient. Therefore it comes in many forms. Paramount to our process is understanding our customers' objectives and how they measure value.