340B Program Management Support and Audit Services

Let's face it, 340B can be complex.

RPh Innovations, LLC (RPHI) provides innovative 340B program management and other pharmacy-related support to rural primary care organizations.  We strive to expand 340B services to more needy areas, offering a continued investment in data management and clinical services necessary for the transformation of pharmacy into an essential part of integrated care.

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What We Do

Program Oversight

Eligibility requirements patient definition medicare GPO prohibition internal audit healthcare

The experts at RPHI will guide you through the registration process from program inception to maintaining a fully compliant program. 

Compliance and Audit

health care auditor auditing liability policies and procedures quarterly reviews non-compliance HRSA

  Let the pros at RPHI dig in and get your Policies and Procedures ready for any HRSA audit. Already have Policies and Procedures? We’ll help keep them up to date with any changes that occur within 340B.  

340B Optimization

self-pay cash pay underinsured uninsured outpatient drug clinic distribution reimbursement inpatient

RPHI knows pharmacy. With several pharmacists on staff, we understand the importance of establishing working relationships with Contract Pharmacies. Not only will we determine the most lucrative pharmacies to contract with, we’ll draft contract pharmacy agreements that benefit both pharmacy and entity.  

340B Overview

The 340B Outpatient Drug Program assists federal grantees in providing outpatient drugs to eligible patients at significantly reduced prices. The intent of the program is to allow covered entities to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible, reaching more patients. To qualify, the grantees must comply with the rules set forth by HRSA.  Monitoring  services and lowering medication costs for patients is at the heart of the program. 340B makes a difference in communities where it matters most.   

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