HRSA 340B Program Audits

Understanding the requirements for participation in 340B is critical.  With HRSA audits increasing annually and continued focus on compliance, preparation and oversight demands commitment and expertise.

 RPHI wants to make sure you are ready in the event of a HRSA Audit.  

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Audit Services

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Are you prepared for a 340B Audit?

HRSA audits are on the rise. Over a five year period, HRSA increased its number of audits by 288%. If your policies and procedures and other documentation are not in place at the time of your audit, HRSA can both demand repayment to manufacturers and remove your organization from the 340B program. RPHI can help your organization steer clear of these issues before they become a problem.  

RPh Innovations will provide guidance and help prepare for the unavoidable HRSA audit.  From OPA Database accuracy to claims compliance, our team will give you peace of mind that your organization will withstand a HRSA audit.

Our scope of services include: 

-Program Oversight and Governance
-OPA Database Accuracy
-Policy and Procedure Review
-Contract Review
-Record Retention
-Diversion Prevention
-Comprehensive Review of Purchasing and Dispensing